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ORBDASH is a new product of our indie game production company, APEX PHOENIX ENTERTAINMENT, in 2020. It's a 3D game that you can download and install on Windows (both 32 bit & 64 bit) and Mac operating systems. Thankfully, based on some of our fans' valuable feedback, we continued working harder, and now, the new update of the game (version 1.2) is available for download since we have added some helpful features to make ORBDASH even cooler.

New Features:

- More optimized gameplay

- Smoother flow

- Better physics

- Hourglass timer added

- Shield's deactivation warning added

- Save/Load system added

- And more...

Please bear with us and provide the team with your insightful suggestions so we can keep up with your expectations and make something interesting that is worth your time and hopefully money. Your feedback means a lot to us and we always will be beyond happy to read comments and e-mails about what you like and don't like in our games.

ORBDASH runs along the line of Racer/Platformer games with lovely challenges and various types of obstacles throughout your unstoppable journey, which offers you a new sense of joy among the games with a similar genre. You've fallen in love with tricks and mysteries? There are also mini secrets you're supposed to explore and discover on your way to get the most out of your personal ORBDASH experience.

Join the adventure of Orbs and enjoy a new experience of speed, fun, and excitement with many items that you can collect on your uphill journey towards an exotic destination. Tough levels with unique features are waiting to challenge your skills. Can you beat them? Let's hit the road!

Here in APEX PHOENIX ENTERTAINMENT, more games are already on their way to help you enjoy your spare time and have delightful moments with us. We wish you would like our games and follow us on:




Also for any support service regarding our products, please contact us via Apex.Phoenix@yahoo.com.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags3D, Arcade, Fast-Paced, free, freegames, Non violent, orb, orbdash, Singleplayer, Speedrun
Average sessionA few minutes


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ORBDASH installer (x64).rar 195 MB
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ORBDASH (Mac).zip 456 MB

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I just fell in love with this game once I watched the trailer. It looked fast-paced and very eye-catching. I think it still has the capacity to improve further but I still love it as is. Would keep an eye out for newer updates or any other game by you.

Thank you, Sia. New projects are under development. Stay tuned.


Great game, from Roast my game.

Good game.

Good going...


G3 Rule of mine.

Real good game must play.

Thanks a lot for the compliment. Any suggestion is welcomed since the new update was also mostly built upon the former users’ feedback.


Love this game. Super smooth on such a crappy laptop like mine. And the design is really interesting and different in each level.

Thank you. We’re glad you like it.


I would give it 5 if the game had a better method on how you lose. It’s easy to touch things around and period… you lose? But overall, good job. I like it.

Sorry if it bothered you. Yes, losing in this game is easy and you need to stay away from all the obstacles when rolling ahead. Maybe for the next updates, we try to do something more pleasant for you. Thank you, sir.


What’s the difference between using password and load game in continue tab? I always save but like to know what password does.

Password only moves you to the level you’ve used the appropriate password for with the default amount of Life, Score, etc. Load will load the appropriate level plus all the parameters you’ve saved already, not just the default values. You’re probably going to use Save/Load mostly rather than Password.


I like the gameplay. So smooth and satisfying. Truely beautiful. Is there any other game published by you elsewhere?

Glad to see you satisfied with our game. So far, ORBDASH is the only game we’ve published. A few more projects are under development. We will post devlogs about them at the right time later. Thank you for your comment.


Great improvement in some levels! I’m used to playing with a low-end desktop system and I had a poor run in level 3 and 5. Now, everything is fluid like liquid. Very good.

Thanks, Gloria. Yes, it needed some optimization to run smoothly on low-end systems. Now, we think the game is the way it should be. We’re happy you like the new update.


Nice game. It looks simple first but the more you play it, the more you realize how detailed and well-crafted it is.

Sorry about the very delayed response, Bobby. I was scrolling down the comments and just noticed yours right now. Thank you for your support. We are happy you’ve found our game interesting.


Also i need the script of save/load feauture PLEASE! We are working on a huge upcoming project.


Feel free to reach out and we will discuss the save/load system whenever you need it.

Have you got discord or something? 

Cause we really need it, it will be very useful!



Apex Phoenix Entertainment#7046

Keep in touch.



LOVE IT!!!!!!!

You Just Need to fix the graphics (but it's not that necessary, we don't mind)

anything else in this game is super inteligent and fun!


Thank you. We definitely try harder to improve things in our next updates and projects.


I wish I could donate a few dollars. This game really deserves it. I instead recommend it to my cousins. I know they like it too.

Again thank you. For commenting both here and on our devlog. You’re such a kind supportive man.


I played the game. It’s super cool but I wish the life system would go easier on us. It's a pain to become game over just that easily. Overall, I give it a thump-up. 👍

You might be right on some points. But we actually preferred no to add a life bar or so to such a game. Practice makes perfect. We’re sure you will win with more tries, yet anyway, sorry about the inconvenient life system.


Congrats to apex phoenix team. Really well-designed setup. I find orbdash way more interesting in comparison with other ball-type games. I'm definitely going to record gameplay and post it on here to see what you and other players think.

Glad to see you enjoyed our first game. We’re eagerly waiting to watch your video. Thank you.